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ZetaClear is a widely available and highly marketed affiliate product over the past 8 years. Since its introduction, it has been met with mix reviews.

We purchased ZetaClear for ourselves to share our experience with you.

Please read the following breakdown of ZetaClear, it’s pros and cons, and feel free to share any feedback you have regarding your experience with this product by taking our .

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Undecylenic Acid

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60 Day Return Policy

* Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Based on user reviews. Learn more about our rating criteria. Results may vary.


ZetaClear — What Is It?

Ingredients — What You Need to Know

Ingredient information gathered per label at time purchase. Information may vary over time. This list may not include all ingredients and the formula. We encourage you to visit the website to the brands official website to receive the most up to date information regarding their current formula.


Undecylenic Acid, 10% – this ingredient is regarded for its antifungal ingredient properties. Tea Tree Oil Clove Oil – Some people may reports irritation when used repeatedly on sensitive skin. Almond Oil Jojoba Oil  

Use Instructions

According to the label, “Thoroughly apply oil with brush applicator to affected are three times daily..”. Notable Features Affiliate product – ZetaClear is highly marketed by third parties across the internet. Consistency & Scent – Zetaclear is a thicker liquid with a pine like scent. Small Size – The bottle of ZetaClear we received is .5 fl oz/ 15ml. This is the smallest size out of any brand we reviewed. We expect you would require multiple bottles due to its size. The average size product we received contained 1 oz / 30 ml. This may be worth keeping in mind when evaluating the price.

From Amazon

All referenced Amazon reviews below are from Verified Purchases.
“It is really good…. My mother is elderly, I haven’t notice, when did that developed, and she can’t take oral pills, because of her liver, just in case we try Zeta. I was surprised, when I notice, that her toe nail grew out half way already. We are very pleased with results.”

Matilda G. Allen

“I am still using the product and hoping for a complete result.”

Lois E. Laner

“It didn’t help anything.”

Juvenal De La Torre

Safe Usage (per label)

Do not swallow or put in eyes. If swallowed, immediately drink water until taste is no longer in mouth.


Be mindful of allergies. No information regarding whether safe or not for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Side Effects

No known side effects. As with any Undecylenic Acid based brand, discontinue use on the onset of any irritation or adverse reactions.

Description of Product

Following product images taken at time of review.


1 Bottle

  • $49.95 per bottle
  • 30 Day Return

3 Bottles

  • $49.95 per Bottle
  • 30 Day Guarantee

5 Bottles

  • $49.95 per Bottle
  • 30 Day Return
  • Free Shipping
Prices do not include shipping and handling. Return policy is only honored when bought directly from company .ONLY and if product is sent back UNUSED Restocking fee of $10

Warranties and Returns

Return policy is valid for 30 days after purchase but only on UNOPENED BOTTLES. There is also a $10 restocking fee.

Customer Satisfaction

Unfortunately, there appear to be more negative reviews across the internet and on websites like Amazon or other shopping platforms. This is common with more popular products… although, the volume of negative reviews is concerning and seem to stem from unclear return policies and misunderstanding regarding their “Satisfaction Guarantee” on website.


https://zetaclear.com ZetaClear marketed as a “Clear Nail Solution” on their label as seen in the provided photos. It contains essential oils and extracts in addition to Undecylenic Acid. According to the label, this product contains 10% Undecylenic Acid. One concern we have with the product is some of the claims it makes. It’s unclear to us how this product reacts to the nail as we have been unable to locate any studies. Although there appears to be many mixed reviews regarding this product, we should note it very similar to other products containing similar ingredients – only at a slightly higher price point.

Review of ZetaClear

ZetaClear Snapshot


Clear Guard Technology ZetaClear is one of the most highly marketed products on the internet in its category. In part, it’s due to the quality of the product and in part it’s due to the competitive affiliate structure they have setup for promoting it. This is not to say that ZetaClear is not an effective – it does contain notable ingredients. It does, to some extent, explain a lot of the controversy around the product and it’s popularity in advertising by 3rd parties (we do not receive any affiliate income as a result of this review). Please read the following breakdown of ZetaClear, it’s pros and cons, and feel free to share any feedback you have regarding your experience with this product by taking our .
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by Unimpressed on Blank Business Name

I saw very little difference in the course of 2 bottles. Restocking fee was asked for but I refused to pay it.

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Dr. Mayus Internal Medicine, Connecticut