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We developed a criteria for analyzing each option and compiled your survey results to rate each based on your feedback and the input of our medical staff. We evaluated by the price per bottle, positive feedback, customer service experience, as well as their policies. With your combined feedback we present you with this easily digestible chart for your convenience.

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Official Site

Rank #1


Best for Professional Strength

(800) 678-6341 [email protected]



3-8 Weeks

Full 60 Day Return




Nail penetration for difficult fungal infection

Tolnaftate, PEG-8, Aloe Vera

try “10VALUE” for 10% off



Best alternative

(800) 589-8913 [email protected]



1-3 Months

Full 60 Day




Blend of several natural essentials oils/extracts in addition to other ingredients

Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil

none known



OK if you do not have sensitive skin

(800) 824-4894 [email protected]


74% Positive

2-4 Months

Risk Free




May be applicable to athlete’s foot

Undecylenic Acid

try “FUNGI”



Controversial online; affiliate product. Minimum concentration.

(818) 303-9260



2-4 Months

Required Restock




Controversial online; affiliate product. Minimum concentration.

Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, other oils

none known

* Based on first hand user and editor reviews – help contribute by taking our survey. Individual results may vary.

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Editor’s Favorite

Rank #1



NailRENEW is our top choice, as it has the highest amount of positive feedback and well-researched ingredients that help eliminate the problem and symptoms.



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* Based on first hand user and editor reviews – help contribute by taking our survey. Individual results may vary.


Over-the-Counter Options, What to Look For



These brands are only as good as the ingredients they contain and at what levels or concentrations. Some brands contain no anti fungal ingredients whatsoever. Choosing a product that contains an effective blend of active and inactive ingredients at the maximum permitted concentrations is crucial to achieving success.

Important OTC Ingredients

When you’re selecting a brand for your nails you’re going to want to consider a few factors. We have narrowed down some of the ingredients and red flags to be on the lookout:


This ingredient is listed in the monograph link 1 for its anti fungal properties and ability to target fungus. According to the monograph, the maximum permitted concentration level for this ingredient is 1%, any higher could result in side effects such as irritation or discomfort.

Undecylenic acid

Derived from castor oil, this ingredient is approved according monograph link 1 for its anti fungal properties. The maximum permitted concentration level for this ingredient is 10%, any higher could result in adverse side effects. link 2

Melaleuca oil

More commonly marketed as “Tea tree oil” it is known for its antimicrobial properties and is not recognized as an anti fungal on the monograph (link 1).

Peg 8

Peg 8, is a clear viscous liquid that is hydrophilic and odorless. Its purpose is to help penetrate the nail bed and deliver anti fungal components such as Tolnaftate or Undecylenic Acid to the source of the infection underneath the nail plate.

Sunflower seed oil

Ingredient derived from sunflower seeds its main purpose is to help deliver other ingredients to the source. Contains vitamins A, D, and E.

Other Options for Fungal Nail Infections

Topical and oral use is straightforward, here are your options:

Oral approach – These antifungal medications are swallowed orally by mouth. ex. antibiotics

Topical approach – applied directly to the affected area daily.

Combination approach – In some cases, people with serious nail fungus may decide to use both an oral and topical approach together to capitalize on the effects of both.

Laser – The cost of laser can vary and is typical a far more expensive option. Results range from 3-6 months for completely new regrowth of a nail.

Surgical – Often a last resort, surgical removing the nail is not a certain method of removing fungus. Once the nail is removed, you must take careful precautions to ensure reinfection does not occur. Length of time to regrow an entirely new nail varies from person-to-person but may take as long as 6-8 months

The most cost effective option is to start with a topical option, like a gel or liquid and gauge your results after a few months. You can gauge by tracking healthy regrowth from the base or cuticle of the nail. As nail regrowth occurs you may clip away the excess discolored nail. Since regrowth may vary from person to person it is important to note that your results may vary but typically after 60 days you can gauge whether or not you are making any progress. At this point in time, you can continue or consider a consider consulting a physician for their professional opinion. One of the biggest criticisms of orals are the potential side effects and the risk of building up an immunity to antibiotics for a condition that isn’t serious. Topical applications may be more expensive depending on the brand and results may vary. They often require the same duration of use to see similar results as they are also rely on nail regrowth during consistent use.

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Dr. Mayus Internal Medicine, Connecticut