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It is our professional opinion that most cases are treatable with the use of OTC (over-the-counter) topical treatments, a cost effective solution to prescription topical or oral options sometimes covered by insurance. For this reason, we write our treatment guide with this in mind and only review products that contain FDA-approved antifungal ingredients recognized on their monograph. This is not to say other treatments containing ingredients not yet recognized by the FDA for their antifungal properties may be effective – this is simply the method employed here.

We rely heavily on the data you provide in our survey to curate this website as well as the experiences of our staff. Please share feedback regarding your experiences treating nail fungus, your success and your failures help build this community.

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The Big 5 OTC Products for Nail Fungus

These are our top reviewed choices worth pursuing


Overall Score

Feedback 91% POSITIVE

*Treatment Time 3-8 Weeks

Rank #1


Overall Score

Feedback 88% POSITIVE

*Treatment Time 1-3 Months


Overall Score

Feedback 74% POSITIVE

*Treatment Time 2-4 Months


Overall Score

Feedback 65% POSITIVE

*Treatment Time 3-4 Months


Overall Score

Feedback 54% POSITIVE

*Treatment Time 2-4 Months

* Based on first hand user and editor reviews – help contribute by taking our survey. Individual results may vary.

Reviewed and writing contributions by

Dr. Mayus
Internal Medicine, Connecticut